If you own a distressed NC house, it may be tempting to think that you won’t be able to sell it easily. Or worse, that no one will want to buy it. But in both cases, you’d likely be wrong.

For instance, we love buying distressed houses. And if you own a distressed house in North Carolina, we think you’ll love selling to us. 

Here’s why:

1. You won’t need to make repairs

Typically, we buy houses as-is. That means no repair agreements, no hiring contractors to fix stuff, and no spending your weekends making the repairs yourself. Simple. Just like the house-selling process should be.

2. You won’t need to clean up the yard

Often, distressed houses have been neglected for years. So, the lawns for these houses often look rough (to say the least). You won’t have to clean up your yard to receive an offer from us. We don’t believe getting a great deal on your NC house should depend on how well you can pull weeds and mow your lawn. 

3. You won’t need to clean up debris

If there’s rubble or other bits of trash strewn throughout your distressed house, you can leave it. No need to rent a dumpster just so you can get a top-dollar offer. If we buy the house, we’ll happily take out any trash left behind

4. You won’t need to call pest control

If your distressed house has been neglected, it wouldn’t surprise us if pests have taken up residence in it. But just because some rodents or insects have decided to make it their home doesn’t mean we won’t want to buy it. We happen to know a few pest control experts in NC who will happily get rid of pests

Wrapping up

If you’re selling an NC house with damage, weeds, trash, and/or pests, we’d like to look at it. Reach out to us if you’re interested in seeing how easy it is to sell your distressed house. Click here to contact us.