Imagine benefiting from something you don’t use. We’re talking about huge benefits. Well, if you have unused land that’s just sitting there, you could be missing out!

As you know, we serve many locations throughout North Carolina. And by serve, I mean we pay cash for NC houses and land. 

Perhaps you’re like a lot of folks in Durham who have large lots. You could sell us the part of the lot you couldn’t care less about and still have plenty of land.


Here are three huge benefits of selling us your unused land:

1. Extra cash

Consider this story: One of our customers was on the brink of selling their house because they could no longer afford to live there. After we bought their unused land, they had enough money to keep their house. Not a bad tradeoff for them.

2. Less lawn care for you

For many of us, lawn care is no fun. If you’re tired of having so much yard work to do, sell part of your yard to us. We’ll build on it and keep the portion of the yard we buy looking great. Imagine all the time you’ll save when you’re not having to do as much lawn maintenance.

3. Neighbors are happy

Sometimes, the unused land we buy is filled with debris and yard waste. When we buy this land, the folks who live near it tend to be happy. Especially if that land is an eye sore. This is because we’re taking something that was once unpleasant to look at, and we’re turning it into something useful.

Two examples

How are we confident in the benefits? Because we’ve done this before! Let’s look at two places in the Raleigh area where we have experience buying unused lots.


We looked at a house in Zebulon that had a big yard. This meant they had a lot of yard work, even though they didn’t use the entire lot.

So, we bought part of their yard and added some money to their bank account. Now we’re building two new construction houses on the portion of the land we bought.

The owners of the property still have a yard, it’s just smaller and easier to maintain.


A family in Franklinton had a separate lot next to their house. The extra lot wasn’t useful to them, but we knew it would be to us. 

We made them an offer. And fortunately, they accepted.

Now they have money to pay some personal bills.

Wrapping up

Unused land can really benefit you. Please let us know if you want to:

  • Get extra cash
  • Do something with your unused land
  • Have less yardwork to do

We’d love to check out any of your extra land, and see if we can make a deal!