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About Us

DKL Housing Solutions is family owned business based out of Rolesville, North Carolina. Since 2013 we have served the Triangle and beyond with the acquisition, rehab and sale of distressed properties. Our approach is simple, we believe that you deserve a fair cash offer for you property. From the moment that you receive a phone call from us, you will be treated with kindness, dignity and respect from our team. We exist to help people like you find solutions for their problem properties.

Michael Gifford

Acquisitions Manager

For over 17 years, Mike has been delivering quality customer service through his ability to create great teams and processes. At DKL Housing Solutions, his team works directly with people like YOU who have problems with their current properties. You may not know what to do with your inherited property, or you may think that one of your distressed properties beyond repair or you may just need an offer on a property for other financial reasons. With Mike at DKL, he can help provide solutions to those problems and more.


Dana LaBerge


Since 2013 Dana LaBerge has been in the business of acquiring, rehabbing, and selling distressed properties. As the owner of DKL Housing Solutions, he leads a great team of individuals who do everything they can to give a competitive offer to our clients. He is a real estate broker with a great team at eXp Realty.  Dana is also the President of The Potter’s Wheel, a company that purchases distressed properties, rehabilitates those houses and then rents those properties to non-profit organizations at under market rate. The goal of The Potter’s Wheel is to provide safe and secure housing for the individuals that they serve.  It also gives DKL Housing Solutions multiple options to help people.

Blake Anderson

Project Manager

Since 2006, Blake has been coming up with creative solutions to take distressed, “hopeless” houses and make them into beautiful, functional, livable spaces for years to come.  He has built a reputation for building processes and systems to help get properties repaired in an efficient and cost effective way.  This allows us to be very creative in how we help distressed homeowners solve problems.  He loves the process of transforming neighborhoods by improving the housing options.