You’ve likely heard the phrase, “buy local.” Here’s something else to consider if you’re selling your NC house: “sell local.” 

Here are a few benefits to selling your NC house to a local buyer (like us):

Selling local helps the local economy.

By selling to a local buyer, you support a local business and help that business grow, which can lead to hiring local folks. Job growth is a hallmark of a strong local economy. 

And when you sell your house to a local buyer, the money stays in the community. The money the local buyer makes then goes to support other local businesses (and pay local taxes). 

Money spent here stays here. 

We’ve been buying houses in NC for over a decade, and we’re proud to call this state our home. Trust us–the money we receive from our clients stays in North Carolina.

Selling local invokes a sense of pride.

Many of us are proud when we’ve done something to help the local economy. So, there’s something to be said of knowing you did a little bit of good in your community. 

We doubt many people have said, “I’m really glad I supported that national corporation,” before they said, “I’m really glad I supported that local business.” 

Whether you sell to us or not, we encourage you to support a business that is owned and operated in NC. And feel proud that you did.

Selling local often leads to fairer prices.

This is because local buyers (like us) understand your area’s market conditions. And with a better understanding of the local real estate market (such as Raleigh, Cary, or Wilson), you’re likely to get an offer that accurately reflects your home’s value, since we will be better able to take local demand and neighborhood trends into account. 

Selling local leads to a more streamlined sales process.

When you sell to a local buyer, you’re often able to get an offer with much less hassle. This is because, as a local buyer, we can typically act faster (and with less paperwork) than national buyers, so you can close faster. 

Wrapping up

Before you choose a buyer for your NC house, ask yourself: Would I rather sell to a small, local business or a big, out-of-state corporation?

If you’d prefer to sell local, reach out to us: