Owning a distressed house can be an unexpected burden. 

Whether it’s due to financial difficulties, unforeseen damages, or other circumstances, you might find yourself with a house that isn’t as valuable or practical as it once was. 

But not to worry! You have options. 

In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss three ways you can get money for it. 

1. Stay flexible with your pricing options

We offer owner (AKA subject to) financing, which just means that we’ll pay incrementally for your distressed house. Getting paid over time (instead of all at once, like if you were to sell it outright), means you’ll have less expensive sales taxes on it.

Even if you don’t choose owner financing as a selling option, staying flexible when it comes to selling your distressed NC house can help us both reach a deal that everyone is comfortable taking.

2. Sell your property’s unused land 

Want to hold on to your distressed house a little longer? You can still get money–you’ll just need to sell part of the property.

If you have a distressed house, especially one that you don’t live in, you may want to sell most of the land on which it sits. 

We can help you out with that. Even if the yard has plenty of weeds and debris, we still may want to buy the land you don’t use.

3. Sell it to an end buyer

When you sell off-market to an end buyer, you’re not paying for commissions or lining the pockets of a middleman. You’re also able to avoid costly NC home inspections–which can add up if you own a distressed house.

Instead, sell to an end buyer (like us). 

Interested? Set up a meeting with us by clicking here. We’d be happy to come out, look at your property, and see if we can make a deal.