Maybe you can relate to this: You’re upside down on your NC house, you want to sell it, but you’re not sure you’ll be able to get anything approaching a fair deal.

First, you’re not alone–economic uncertainties and fluctuating mortgage rates have caused a lot of NC homeowners to go upside down on their house. And many don’t know if they can sell it for a good price.

Second, we may be able to help.

We offer a variety of ways to help sellers who just feel stuck when it comes to getting a great price on their NC house.

One such way is subject to financing.

What is subject to financing?

When you take part in subject to financing, you essentially transfer the investor the deed while keeping your existing mortgage in place. So, if you went with us, we’d start paying your mortgage on your behalf.

With subject to financing, your mortgage would stay in place even if you moved.

Subject to financing is a great way to get more for your house than the market rate.

Here’s an example of what we mean:

Let’s say your house is currently valued at $200k, but you want to get $250k for it. 

Now, if your mortgage has a lower interest rate than what’s currently available on the market, we might be in a position to meet your price. Paying a bit extra for your house could be advantageous for us in the long run, given the lower rate on your mortgage. 

Instead of buying a different property with a potentially higher mortgage rate, we could invest those extra funds in your house, essentially passing on the savings we’d get from avoiding higher rates. 

In other words, we’d offer you more for your NC house because of the money we’d save from lower mortgage payments.

Subject to financing can be a really good deal for all parties involved. And at DKL Housing Solutions, we’re always looking for deals where everyone’s happy.

If you’re feeling stuck, and you want to sell your house (upside down or otherwise), give us a call. We’d love to set up a meeting with you to see if we can help.