Here’s something you might be surprised to hear us say: Sometimes selling your NC house isn’t the best option. 

We’re bringing this up because we don’t just buy North Carolina houses with cash–we can also purchase with owner financing.

But what’s the benefit to owner financing, and how do you know if it’s the right option for you?

To answer this, consider this example…

Let’s say you own a $200k house, but you owe $100k on the mortgage and are in need of some extra cash flow.  

One choice is to sell it. The downside is that this could be very expensive when tax season arrives.

Another choice is to rent the property. The downside here is that you may not be bringing in the kind of cash you want after you make each month’s mortgage payment.

In this example, owner financing might be the best option.

Because with owner financing, we’ll pay you over time for your property. 

And while you won’t get all your money upfront if you participate in owner financing, you won’t have the expensive sales taxes if you were to sell.

To further illustrate why owner financing could be a great option for you if you’re planning to sell your NC house, consider this story…

Earlier this year, Blake Anderson had a call with a guy who wants to sell some NC property. 

This guy had been offered all kinds of offers over the years, but the buyers were all low-balling him.

Blake asked if he would be willing to do owner financing instead of selling his house. 

After Blake explained that this would allow him to receive more money and give him cash flow, the guy said he was willing to go with this option.

Owner financing was the best choice for this guy, and it could be the best choice for you.

Here’s the key takeaway:

We’re not limited to only providing cash offers. Sometimes, owner financing is the best way to go.

The more flexible and creative you’re willing to be, the more we can offer and the more we can help. 

If you’re interested in exploring owner financing with your property, let’s talk.  

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