Do you know anything about the buyers you’re planning to sell your NC house or unused land to? 

Are they motivated only by money?

Are they scammers just trying to make a quick buck off your property?

If you’re like many house-sellers, you’d rather not sell to shady buyers. 

But how can you know if a buyer is shady or not? By getting to know them.

With that in mind, we’d like you to get to know us by sharing a major motivator behind our business: Impact investing.

To us, this is as much of a driver behind what we do as making money.

If you’ve never heard of “impact investing,” its meaning is just what it sounds like: We want to make a positive impact in the communities we serve while we make money. 

In fact, we have a goal of helping 2,000 families break the cycle of generational poverty.

We have partner relationships with nonprofits who use some of the houses we purchase to provide stable housing for people who are coming out of crisis.

Here are three examples of such nonprofits…

Families Together 

The Wake County school system refers participants to Families Together when school officials find out that students in their system are homeless. 

This Raleigh, NC nonprofit has a program that helps participants find permanent housing, including helping them find stable jobs. 

The nonprofit places their program participants in our houses during the length of the program.

Hope + Vine

This Wake Forest nonprofit provides support and opportunities for young women who have aged out of foster care. 

Hope + Vine uses properties we’ve purchased to provide housing for these young women. 

Restorative Transitions

Folks who are getting out of prison often need assistance getting on their feet again. Restorative Transitions does this by providing a variety of services–including affordable housing. 

This Durham nonprofit uses properties we’ve purchased to provide housing at a reduced cost for program participants. 

These NC nonprofits–and the way in which they use the properties we purchase to serve others–illustrate what we mean by “impact investing.”

We have other nonprofits in North Carolina who use our purchased properties, and we plan to work with more as we grow.

If you’d like to sell your property to us, and by extension, join us in serving NC nonprofits, click here to set up a meeting.

If you’re interested in supporting the nonprofits we mentioned, you can learn about them by clicking these links: