If you’ve ever tried to sell your house, you may have dealt with (or heard of) buyers who will do whatever they can to close the deal–even if it’s not a great deal for you.

As NC realtors who buy NC houses, both new and distressed, we’re not about that. 

In our March blog post, we said our team members have this in common: We all want to help you achieve your goals, even if it doesn’t benefit us financially. 

Here’s what this looks like:

When we’re meeting with you and discussing the sale of your NC house, we’re looking for the best solution for you–even if you end up not selling your house to us. 

So, if we see a solution that we feel is better than selling to us, we’ll tell you what that is, even if it costs us the deal.

There are a few reasons why we take this approach…

  1. We want to be transparent when buying NC houses.

We pride ourselves in being transparent–from the beginning to the end of the house-selling process. Transparency can only happen if we make sure we’re giving you all the facts, even if those facts could mean we miss out on buying your house.

  1. We want deals where everyone wins. 

If we think you’re better off doing something else with your house besides selling it to us, we want you to know. Yes, we want to buy your house–but not if we don’t believe it’s a winning deal for you, too.

  1. We want to build trust.

As a small business, we know how important trust is for our survival. Because people do business with people they trust. Plain and simple. 

They also only make referrals for people they trust. 

And since referrals are a huge part of how we grow our business, we have to guard that trust.

We do so by being transparent with those we meet.

  1. We believe that if your needs are met, our needs will be met.

This is a core belief that each of our team members share. When we help others achieve their goals, we’ll eventually be able to achieve our own. It’s not karma–it’s just good business.

We understand a lot of shady business practices occur in real estate. That’s why we want to give you a better idea of why we operate the way we do–because just like houses, not all buyers are alike.

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