We realize that you may be reading this to make sure we’re a legitimate company.

And to that we say, “We’re glad you’re here.”

We understand that it’s important to know the folks you may be selling to.

That’s why we’re also focused on building relationships with people (like you!) who are just checking us out online. That involves responding to emails and creating content (like this blog and the stuff we put on Facebook). 

Now, you likely already know that we’re end buyers who specialize in buying unused land and houses (especially distressed ones) through North Carolina. And, you may be aware of how we typically can get you cash in-hand within 10 days of making an offer.

But we want you to get to know us better.

So, here’s an overview of our team: In the past year and a half, we went from 8 to 17 employees. Most of these folks have been hired since July 2022.

And, boy, are we excited about the caliber of people on our team. We didn’t just hire ordinary people–we hired folks who possess both strong character and leadership skills. 

We have three teams: acquisitions, construction, and administration. The construction team repairs the distressed houses, and the administration team handles the back-end stuff that comes with running a business.

But for this post, we’d like to delve into our acquisitions team. These are the folks who walk you through the house-selling process.

First up is Marisol.

Marisol Alvarez (Acquisitions Manager)

As a licensed NC real estate agent, Marisol is the first person you’ll talk to if you want to sell your house to us. 

When you work with Marisol, you’re in good hands. She’s an industry expert who understands NC’s real estate laws, so it’s a good thing she’s really detail oriented.

One reason we’re thankful for Marisol is because she’s a pro at all the things that need to be done for real estate transactions. And since she’s great at executing and hitting deadlines, you don’t have to worry if something’s taken care of. 

We like to say, “When Marisol’s got it, Marisol’s got it.” 

Blake Anderson (Construction Manager)

Blake’s an easy-going, friendly guy who works primarily behind the scenes and essentially serves as our chief operation officer. He looks at every property before we buy it. 

Blake is a problem-solver by nature who loves helping people win. 

He likes to say, “If I help you achieve your goals, then my goals will be taken care of in the process.” 

Dana LaBerge (Owner) 

As a pastor for 15 years, Dana continues to help people look for ways to achieve their goals. He’s very transparent and he’s incorporated this transparency throughout his business. 

As a skilled listener, he really thinks through things during conversations, so he can give the best response. He’s really decisive in a positive way, and he creates a working environment where people can flourish in who they are.

One thing that Marisol, Blake, and Dana have in common is this: They all want to help you achieve your goals. If they see a solution for you, they’ll tell you what that is, even if it costs them the deal.

That’s all for now, folks! Now that you’ve gotten to know us, we’d like to get to know you. If we can help you solve the problem of selling your house or property, set up an appointment by clicking here