We get it: There are lots of reasons why you may want to sell your NC house fast. Life is full of surprises, and sometimes you need to get a great offer on your house quickly.

If your house isn’t in great shape, you may be wondering if you can sell it quickly. 

Perhaps it needs a lot of repairs. Maybe you’ve got a lot of junk in it that you’d rather not clean out. Or maybe it’s in a neighborhood that tends to scare off homebuyers.

But here’s the good news: It’s possible to sell your house fast, even if it’s not perfect.

1. Sell your house off-market

Selling your house off-market typically means a shorter sales cycle. 

One reason? No open houses. 

An off-market sale eliminates the need to spend time hosting an open house. So, you can focus on selling instead of staging. 

Not only that, but you’ll typically get cash for your house from an off-market homebuyer. And cash sales typically don’t involve as many people. 

This means you’ll often close faster with an off-market sale than you would if you sold on-market.

2. Sell to an end buyer

If you sell your house off-market, we recommend you sell to an end buyer as opposed to a wholesaler. This cuts out the middle-man, which makes for a faster sales process.

Wholesalers never intend to take possession of the property. So, if they aren’t able to find an end buyer who will pay their price, they’ll often renegotiate the offer price. Or they may back out of the deal altogether–maybe even as late as closing day.

3. Sell to us

We don’t care if your house is perfect. As an end buyer, we’ll help you sell your house off-market. 

And with us, you won’t need to get a home inspection or an appraisal. Often, buyers require these.

In case you don’t know, an appraisal is a third-party appraiser’s opinion on how much your home is worth. This is based on how it looks and how much other houses in your area sold for.

The problem with an appraisal is that the agreement price may change as a result. This means you have to go back and forth with the buyer until you settle on an amount that works for both of you. 

In addition, we’ll take out any junk you leave behind or make any necessary repairs–this alone will save a lot of time, so you can move out much faster. 

When we make an offer and you accept it, in many cases, we can get you cash within 10 days. 

So, you can stop worrying about selling your North Carolina house, and enjoy the stress relief that comes with having cash in-hand.

Are you ready to sell your house fast? Contact us today.