Across North Carolina, folks planning to sell their house are stressed. Between offers changing, hosting open houses, and making repairs, homesellers are dealing with a lot of pressure. 

If you find the thought of selling your NC house stressful, I’d like to show you ways we can help relieve some of this burden. 

Let’s jump in

1. The offer won’t change

Unlike some wholesalers, who purchase a house for someone else, we won’t come back to you with a reduced or rescinded offer. As the end buyer, when we make you a cash offer, we stick to it.

2. We won’t be pushy

A wholesaler makes a commission from buying your house. This can cause some wholesalers to become pushy when trying to close the sale. 

Dealing with a pushy buyer can add a layer of stress when selling your house. The calls, texts, and email messages you’ll receive from such a buyer can stretch your patience to its limits.

Since we’re the end buyer, we don’t make a commission from your house. And we won’t try to pressure you into closing on your house if you feel uncomfortable. You should feel at ease with the deal you made come closing day.

3. We’re transparent

It can be stressful if, during the selling process, a potential buyer says one thing but does another. That’s not the case with us.

“Honesty is the best policy,” may sound pithy, but it’s how we work. And when you want to sell your house fast, honesty helps the process go a lot smoother.

4. You won’t have to host an open house

There’s a lot of preparation that often goes into hosting an open house. So, it’s a good thing they aren’t required to get a good deal from us.

5. You can leave your junk

Are you stressed by the thought of removing unwanted items from your house? You can leave it for us to handle.

6. You don’t have to fix up your house

We buy plenty of distressed houses. So, there’s no need for you to deal with the hassle of making big, expensive repairse.

7. You won’t have to do a home inspection

NC home inspections can cost hundreds of dollars. If we buy the house, we’ll pay for any necessary inspections.

Here’s an example of why this is helpful beyond the cost savings: Say you live in Chicago but inherited a house in Raleigh. By going with us, you won’t have to be around for the NC home inspection.

Final Note

If any of these points seem appealing as you plan to sell your North Carolina house, let’s talk

We serve many counties across NC, including Wake, Durham, Wilson, and Johnston county. Whether or not you choose us as your buyer, we wish you a stress-free time in selling your house!