If you’re planning to sell your NC house, you’re likely aware of the fact that the real estate market has softened in our state. So, maybe you can relate to this situation… 

Your neighbor put her house on the market two months ago and she still hasn’t gotten an offer she is pleased with. Even though North Carolina real estate prices are still adjusting down, she’s holding out for a higher price. 

Meanwhile, you want to sell a house that’s in a lot worse shape than your neighbor’s. You want to get a good offer, but if your neighbor can’t get a worthwhile offer on her house, what chance do you have?

1. Some encouragement

While it’s true that prices have softened in the NC real estate market (especially in the area in and around the Triangle), that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal on your house.

The market’s fluctuation hasn’t prevented us from making cash offers on houses throughout North Carolina. In fact, for the right properties, we’re buying more than ever.

2. Don’t be discouraged

It’s true: The number of offers on NC houses has been, generally speaking, shrinking in recent months. That’s because many smaller investors aren’t buying right now. That is, the folks who buy one to three houses a year as a side-hustle. But don’t let that discourage you from selling your house.

3. You can still get an offer you’re happy with

While the housing market may not be booming like it was, it could still be a great time to sell your distressed house. 

At DKL Housing Solutions, if we like your house, we can typically get you cash in-hand within 10 days of making an offer. And we make win-win deals–even if the market has adjusted down. 

As end-buyers, we don’t operate on commission fees, which often allows us to provide higher offers than wholesalers (folks who are buying on the behalf of someone else).

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