Dear North Carolina Owners of Distressed Houses,

As you begin to work on your New Year’s resolutions, we hope that you’ll add “selling my distressed house” to the list. 

As end buyers, we would certainly love to give you a cash offer, but we also know the benefits selling your distressed NC house can have in your life. 

Here are five of those benefits:

1. Reduce your stress

You’re likely all too familiar with the stress of owning a distressed house. If you’re living in a distressed house, you know that the maintenance alone can ramp up your blood pressure. And if you have a spare house that’s distressed, is it really doing your mental state any favors by holding onto it as it continues to fall into a state of disarray?

 Selling it to us can help reduce this stress while providing you with some extra cash.

2. For married folks: Make your spouse happy

Is your spouse tired of having a distressed house? If so, it may be time to sell. This reason alone makes it worth adding to your list of New Year’s resolutions.

3. Accomplish an easy goal

We streamline the house-selling process by cutting out the middleman, responding promptly to your questions, and showing up when we say we will. 

This allows you to easily check off one of your New Year’s resolutions (assuming you add the sale of your distressed NC house to your list). 

And once you accomplish one item from your list, we hope it’ll give you a confidence boost that will help you accomplish the rest.

4. Make the neighbors happy

Even if you don’t live in the distressed house you own, selling it to us is likely going to make the neighbors happy. If we buy it, we’ll fix it up like new and beautify the yard. This results in a nice-looking piece of real estate that is sure to spruce up the neighborhood.

5. Get money

This benefit needs little explanation: We pay cash for distressed houses in North Carolina. And often, we get our clients’ cash within 10 days of making an offer. 

Why not start the year off with more cash and less stress from a distressed house you don’t want? 

We can help you get there.

Simply email Blake to schedule a meeting with us (, and let’s see if we could make a deal.

Whatever you decide, we hope you have the best year yet!


The DKL Housing Solutions Team